The best natural deodorant is Essensia Naturals Aluminum free odor controlling deodorant. Natural Deodorant, Essensia Naturals is effective ordor control

Essensia’s Natural Deodorant is the most effective aluminum (aluminium) free underarm odor controlling product on the market today. We are not just saying that, it really is!

We have heard it a thousand times that natural deodorants do not work. We thought that too, so we created our own formula without aluminum that does control odor. We did not make a product that just covers up or masks odor. We made a product that eliminates odor. And it eliminates odor for up to 24 hours.

We don’t stink and you don’t have to either! No more pit sniffing before a hot date, before a meeting or any time. Smell great all day all the time!

Try Essensia’s Natural Deodorant, get fresh!

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Calgary Herald Staff review of Essensia Naturals aluminum free deodorant in the the Real Life section of the Calgary Herald - May 18, 2012

“Two (non smelly) armpits up” - Click this text for the full review

Skinny Mom ( review of our aluminum free deodorant - June 5, 2013

“I was blown away” - Click this text for the full review

Your World Natural Blog review of our deodorant - July 23, 2013

“Natural Deodorant, that lasts!” - Click this text for the full review

Tuja Wellness review of Essensia Naturals deodorant - Sept 17, 2013

“We dig it” - Click this text for the full review

Run on Organic review of Essensia Naturals deodorant - August 4, 2013

“There was no stink!” - Click this text for the full review

Fit Bottomed Girls review of our deodorant - October 18, 2013

“It fought BO just as well as Secret did” - Click this text for the full review

What our users are saying,

I can’t believe it works so well. I just can’t believe it. After working all day, I have no pit odor at 10:00pm.” - Kelly, 23

“I workout at the gym a few times per week and I used to shower after my workout or I would start to stink pretty bad. Now I just go about my day and don’t worry about my armpits smelling bad, they just don’t. I am seriously hooked on the Essensia Deodorant!” - Stacey, 36

“I used to wear a natural deodorant with a heavy scent and reapply during the day, especially if I was in meetings. Now I do not smell at all. And I do not smell of deodorant anymore.” - Philip, 28

“I’m a fitness instructor and really work up a sweat during class. I have tried numerous products and didn’t find one that worked until now. I love Essensia's all natural deodorant!” - Chris, 29

“I use Essensia’s natural deodorant and I can go out to dinner straight from work and my pits don’t smell at all. That’s amazing!” - Bill, 42

“I have night sweats and when I woke up in the morning I could smell BO on myself. Since using your deodorant I do not wake up with BO anymore.” - Patricia, 51

“I really love your product. It is really the only deodorant I have used that doesn’t burn my skin or leave a rash or leave me stinky at the end of the day.” - Andrea, 37

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