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Who is Essensia?

Our story began in 1989 with a passion and desire to use healthy products on our bodies, but it wasn't until 2008 that we lost our patience with deodorant products that just didn't work. We tried over 25 natural products that promised odor control but either didn't work for more than a few hours or just attempted to cover up bad odor with a heavy scent. Coming to what was initially a dead end and not willing to compromise, we began to experiment with our own natural concoctions. We wanted true 24 hour protection from odor and thought nature should have a solution. We wanted to eliminate odor, not just cover it up with a strong smell and we needed a formula that would not cause a rash on our skin. We dove into the research of natural antibacterial ingredients and with the help of a laboratory experienced in natural formulations we made some very exciting discoveries. We found that nature has provided some very effective but gentle on the skin ingredients that when used in the correct form and in the right combination provide outstanding antibacterial based odor control.

Three years of armpit sniffing, skin irritation tests and product stability experiments combined with countless formulation changes bring us to today and what we believe is the most effective, natural or mainstream, deodorant on the market. A product that truly offers at least 24 hour odor protection in a form that also conditions and moisturizes the skin!

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