The best natural deodorant is Essensia Naturals Aluminum free odor controlling deodorant. Natural Deodorant, Essensia Naturals is effective ordor control

Essensia Naturals 50g 24 hr deodorant

Made with all natural healthy ingredients, we think this deodorant is the best performing deodorant product on the market. Three years in the making, we have unlocked the secret to true 24 hour protection using only natural, safe, healthy ingredients. Our product has a fresh light scent, we do not use strong scents to cover up bad odor, we eliminate the odor leaving you smelling fresh for a full 24 hours! Those close to you will smell your favorite designer perfume, not our deodorant and certainly not any body odor.

Put our product to the test. Are you willing to do the smell test on your current deodorant? Put our product on one side, your current favorite on the other, we think you will be amazed!

When we design a product, it works. We test extensively to create the best products using safe natural and organic materials.

Try our deodorant - we think you will love it!

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Who would have thought that nature had the answer to controlling body odor - we did!

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